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The Night Stalker Fan Community

Below are the 9 most recent journal entries.


  2009.02.03  09.48

Hello,  I'd just joined here recently. I've been a fan of the original version of The Night Stalker and seen the 2005 version. For Christmas I got the DVD of it and enjoyed it. For now I'm writing a fanfic on one of the episode and going on fansites.


  2008.08.12  18.16

hello! I'm new here... I made some really crappy icons

hopefully there will be more ^-^ comment and credit is necessary

our fear of the dark never goes away we just pretend its not thereCollapse )


  2007.01.05  16.20
Looking for some information

I just watched 3 episodes of The Night Stalker(new version) on Sci-Fi. I was wondering if anyone knows about anymore airing of repeats of the show, and if there's going to be more than one season? I've looked online and there doesn't seem to be too much information at first glance, and I was hoping someone could save me from spending a few hours looking.

Thanks muchly!


  2005.11.10  20.59
The Beacon: Thursday, November 10, 2005 - "The Source"

WEST COAST  Edition:

West coast viewers, start discussing when it comes on there. :)


  2005.11.10  20.57
The Beacon: Thursday, November 10, 2005 - "The Source"

EAST COAST  Edition:

East coast viewers, start discussing! :)


  2005.10.30  14.56
Capsule Review: Night Stalker 1.5

Night Stalker 1.5: MalumCollapse )

Mood: happy

  2005.10.27  20.53
The Beacon: Thursday, October 27, 2005 - "Malum"

"Night Stalker" is about to start its Eastern air time on ABC television.

Let's talk shop...

UPDATE: Feel free to use this thead as a discussion source as time goes on this evening.
NEXT WEEK: I'll put up a second thread for the West Coast, though I won't be able to provide live management. If anyone wants to volunteer to post and manage the thread, let me know.


  2005.10.26  20.22
Capsule Review: Night Stalker 1.4

Night Stalker 1.4: Burning ManCollapse )

Mood: annoyed

  2005.10.24  16.09
Welcome to The Night Stalker Fan Community!

Hi there and welcome to the community! This group will pick up where a previously extinguished group left off in hopes to continue objective discussion of the show, the characters, and the actors.

If you know any other communities supporting our show, let me know and I will link to those from this community in hopes of keeping us all in touch with one another.

As you see there is no custom design applied to the community view for this community. If you have one you would like to contribute, however, let me know, and you will certainly be credited for your work on the info page.

Again, welcome! Tell your friends! Spread the word! Let's keep this show and our fan community alive!